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The Liquid Control Meter consists of a housing in which three rotors turn in synchronized relationship  within three cylindrical bores with no metal-to-metal contact within the meter element.
Each rotor is supported on either end by a bearing plate through which the rotor shafts protrude.

Liquid Control fuel meter. Shell Water Detector. Velcon Aviation fuel filters
M-7 ( See page)

The bladed displacement rotors, alternately move through the two half-cylinders bores of the meter element, while the single blocking rotor rotates within its bore in such a way as to produce continuous capillary seal bewteen the unmetered, upstream product and the metered, downstream product.  


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Liquid Controls

Jet Fuel Equipment and Jet Fuel Quality Control

Jet fuel equipment. 
Velcon fuel filters

Jet fuel equipment for all stages is a specialized Technical Supplier of Jet Fueling  Equipment . We maintain a large inventory of spare parts to help satisfy our Domestic & International Customers. has an experienced Sales Staff that will continue to strive for improved customer satisfaction while providing "sole Sourcing" of products and staying competitively priced in the industry. 

6 Pack Micro Separometer. Shell Water Detector. Hydrokit. Velcon Aviation fuel filters. OPW overwing nozzles.           6 Pack Micro Separometer. Shell Water Detector. Hydrokit. Velcon Aviation fuel filters. OPW overwing nozzles.

           Military grounding clamp.
Military grounding clamp
Aviation grounding reels

Fueling Truck Equipment
Additive Injectors
Deadman Controls
Dry Breaks
Filter/Regulator -Lubricator
Fuel Additives
Fuel Hoses
Jet Level Sensor
Motors-Explosion Proof
Nozzles Overwing
Overfill Equipment
Pressure Gauges




Jet fuel quality control 

This section covers all of the products associated with the safe storage and distribution of quality jet fuel at all major airports for the commercial and military aviation industry. Recognized industry inspection procedures and safety checks of jet fuel
are required to efficiently help minimize introduction of contaminated or unacceptable jet fuel from being delivered to airline aircraft.
The listing of products in this specific section will help the user conform to industry standards for all of his aviation fueling operations.

Fuel sampling can
Fuel sampling cans

Fuel industry

Airport personnel clothing. Refinery clothing.
Static Discharge Reels

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 Jet Fuel Conductivity meters

The  Digital Conductivity meter provides a measurement of electrical conductivity of fluids in conductivity units (CU),which are defined as picosiemens per meter in ASTM D 2624. The rugged Electro/mechanical design of this meter facilitates the ease of use for both laboratory and field applications.

Jet Fuel Conductivity meter. ASTM Standard Test Method D 2624.Aviation fuel conductivity meter

Jet Fuel Conductivity meters
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PDF Brouchure

Jet fuel equipment

We are specialists in the field of jet fueling. Please consult with us.

Jet fuel equipment for refineries,fuel terminals,and airports. Quality  control material for jet fuel at all its different stages; from the refinery until the aircraft refueliing system.
 Stadis 450.
Prist Hi-Flash

Jet Fuel Filters_Vessels

Abastecimiento de aviones

Fuel nozzles (overwing )
           OPW overwing nozzles

6 Pack Micro Separometer

Conductivity meters

Jet fuel hydrometers and jars.

Aircraft refueling equipment.

Aqua Glow water detector Kit

Fuel Thermometers 
 Jac Riser. Fuel suction hose.

F-145 Meggitt overwing nozzle. PDF

F-145 underwing nozzle with and w/o regulator

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              Fuel sampling can. Fuel Quality Control.
Fuel Sample Shipping Container.  Fuel Quality Control
  Six Pack Micro Separometer

The Micro Separometer
is an electro-mechanical instrument used to perform two discrete tests. ASTM Standard Test Method D 3948 is used to rate the water separation characteristics and D 4860 detects and numerically rates free water and particulate contamination
Six Pack Micro Separometer Kit. Micro-Separometer. Six pack test kit for MicroSeparometer

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Detection of undissolved water in
 aviation fuel.
           Velcon Hydrokit
Detect  Free Water in Aviation Fuel.
The HYDROKIT  is an effective "Go, No-Go" field test
designed to periodically check for free water, which is
 removed to ppm levels by properly operating filter/separators,
Aquacon, and monitor vessels. Samples are normally taken
downstream of the vessel, but they can also be
taken at other
points in the fuel distribution system. The HYDROKIT
 is designed to indicate free water in excess of  30 ppm by
changing the powder contained in the sample tube to a pink color.

. Aviation Jet (Turbine) Fuels
. Not for use with Avgas or Diesel Fuel




  Jet fuel quality control. Jet fuel equipment for jet fuel refinery, jet fuel terminal and jet fuel trucks          

Fuel equipment-Recalibration and Recertification Services-Gauge tester Gauge testers
The Pneumatic Gauge Tester is a high pressure air pump with an integral test gauge.fitting and a large diameter fine adjustment piston. This piston and the precision bleedoffvalve give you precise pressure control. The scissor handle design, low internalvolume and micro bore hose give you the advantage of reaching higher pressures withless effort. The swivel gauge fitting allows you to quickly match the gauge with the range being calibrated. Supplied with or without a gauge. Gauges can be mechanical or digital in all standard ranges and are available in psi, Kpa, Bar or Kg/cm2.

Prist and Stadis 450
Anti-icing Aviation Fuel Additive.

Trust The Original - Prist brand anti-icing additive is the original and first product used for fuel anti-icing. No other competitive product has the history or length of trial experience in the field. Why take a chance? Insist on Prist  brand anti-icing additive.
Stadis 450


 Velcon filters
These filter housings
are versatile housings designed for use with several different high performance
Aquacon and other filter cartridges

Fuel equip.

Video  "EPOXY COATED"  Bucket
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      Epoxy coated fuel sampling bucket
  Visit Fuel Sample Bucket page.
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           Decals and labels
 capabilities and unparalleled performance, are Decal & placards are impressive in any element. All of our placards are printed with durable UV inks for long life. These inks impede peeling, chipping and fading.
We carry every Decal/Label used in fuel Handling/Storage. We carry every UN designation avialable.
With rugged on-road

        Jet fuel quality control. Jet fuel equipment for jet fuel refinery, jet fuel terminal and jet fuel trucks

Closed circuit sampler-he Visual Check Fuel Sampler (VCFS)

Closed Circuit Fuel Sampler
Specification The Visual Check Fuel Sampler (VCFS) is a closed circuit fuel sampling system designed to provide a safe, easy and convenient method of carrying out the industry standard Clear & Bright visual examination of aviation fuel. The vessel consists of a strong, clear glass tube sandwiched between a base and a hinged lid assembly.

Fuel equip.


Aviation fueling hoses
Refueling hoses
Fuel hoses
Aviation Fuel Hoses
Fuel hose
We  test and certify.
Other sizes available.
Good Year
1", 1 14" ,  1 1/2"
2" , 2 1/2" and 3"

ARH ( aircraft refueling hose) with Male x Male NPT couplings, certificate of hydrostatic test and Serial Number.
Manguera para gasolina de avión con conexiones NPT Macho x Macho, certificado de prueba hidrostática y número de serie.
Jet Ranger aircraft refueling hose
Used in the fueling and defueling
( gravity defueling only) of
commercial and private aircraft.
Resistant to jet fuel and higher
aromatic aviation gasoline

Fuel equip.

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Color testing Millipore membranes. Approved for testing Jet Fuel as  per ASTMD2276/IP216 and D54552

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 Water finding paste
       Water Finding Paste
       No more guess work!


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Overwing nozzles.
    AV-Gas nozzle. Jet fuel nozzle

Whittaker underwing nozzles

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Velcon filter elements
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Velcon vessel
       Velcon filter vessel
Velcon Filters manufactures a range of vessels to remove solids, water and surfactants from jet fuel. Normal practice is to have filtration systems handle fuel into and out of tank storage. Velcon´s products are at major airports on all continents and customers include major international oil companies, airlines, and airport operators. We carry the Latest Edition Elements. 5th Edition IP/API Other Manufacturers we carry are Facet Filters, Raycor.

OPW overwing nozzles. AV-Gas and Jet Fuel nozzles

Contact us for outdated or discontinued instruments and equipment that need expert advice for conversion, replacement or exchange to a new brand or model.   We welcome your problems and we will offer our expert advice step by step until your jet fuel equipment problem is solved.